Nashville Art Teachers: Beyond the Classroom salutes the heroic efforts of teachers during the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. It features the work of elementary, middle, and high school art teachers working in Davidson County and is presented concurrently with Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful. Thomas (1891–1978), the first African American woman to have a painting enter the collection of the White House, was an art teacher in Washington, DC, public schools for thirty-eight years.

Artists featured in the exhibition

Trent Boysen
Jeff Clark
Sara Eberhart
Ted Edinger
Susie Elder
Sydney Ellison
Diana Garigliano
Leigh Hardcastle
Briena Harmening
Jan Hatleberg
Catharine Hollifield
Emily Holt
Fan Jiang
JC Johnson
Lisa Jones
Brenna Lloyd
Janet Malone

Scott Mast
Colleen McCormick Metzger
Marti Profitt-Streuli
Troy Rexilius
Erin Rickelton
Stacie Robelia
Erin Scobey
Beth Seawell
Jianna Shafer
Shayna Snider
Laura Sturgill
Kati Swieca-Brockman
John Toomey
Anna Torrence
Marty Welsh
Jacolyn Wingo


Katie Delmez, senior curator, Frist Art Museum
Kim Dummons, associate professor, Middle Tennessee State University
Samuel Dunson, associate professor, Tennessee State University
Brian Jobe, executive director and cofounder, TriStar Arts

Organized by the Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our O’Keeffe Circle members in funding this exhibition.

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Exhibition gallery

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