Pattern Recognition brings together videos and digital photographs by four artists working in the Middle Tennessee region. Absorbing and unpredictable, the works in the exhibition resist linear narrative. Instead, they explore the technical capacity of digital media to alter our sense of time and reality, showing natural and computer-generated patterns that weave, ripple, and flow in unexpected ways.

The title alludes to the computer science term for the study and organization of information across the spectrum. While in technology the goal is to gain hard knowledge of how linked systems behave, this exhibition’s artists combine and manipulate complex data into irrational patterns evoke memory, mystery, and disturbance.

In their animated landscapes, geometrical compositions, and other invented scenarios, the artists in Pattern Recognition find common ground in the expressive potential of digital media, devising patterns of sensation that rise from deep within the technologically enhanced imagination.

Pattern Recognition also features a selection of music videos that extend the exhibition’s theme of repetition or abstraction as devices to alter perception. These collaborations between area musicians and videographers employ marvelous, playful, and often psychedelic optics to express the underlying spirit of these songs.

The exhibition features the work of visual artists
McLean Fahnestock
Morgan Higby-Flowers
Joon Sung
John Warren

And music videos for songs by
Ancient Ocean, Blood Moon | Created by Zack Hall
Cortney Tidwell, Watusii | Created by Daniel Franke, Martin W. Maier, and Cortney Tidwell
Hammock, Dark Beyond the Blue | Created by Andrew Thompson
Hammock, In the Middle of This Nowhere | Created by Amy Pleasant and Orlando V. Thompson
Okey Dokey, Congenial Man | Created by MKAV
Sturgill Simpson, Turtles All the Way Down | Created by Graham Uhelski, Brock Howard, Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep, Jim Diekoff and the Diekoff Company, and Sturgill Simpson
The Mute Group, Brainplate in Eb | Created by Zachary Gresham, Juliana Horner (_1_2_7_)
Tim Chad & Sherry, Now That’s Love | Created by Zack Hall and Zack Wilson
William Tyler, Highway Anxiety | Created by Elise Tyler and Zack Hall

Organized by the Frist Art Museum

Location: Conte Community Arts Gallery

Exhibition gallery

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