For this audio tour, the Frist collaborated with the Nashville Ambient Ensemble, who composed new music inspired by selected works in the exhibition in lieu of verbal commentary. Organized and led by electronic composer Michael Hix, the Ensemble’s lineup is made up of some of the city’s most creative and innovative artists, including Belly Full of Stars, Diatom Deli, and Jack Silverman. 

Click the play button to begin each stop.

Stop 1: Director’s Introduction


Stop 2: “Gradient”

Inspired by Norman Zammitt’s Untitled (1984)


Stop 3: “Horizon”

Inspired by Larry Bell’s Church Study 4/4/16 (2016)

Stop 4: “Band in Boston”

Inspired by Robert Irwin’s Untitled (1966–67)


Stop 5: “Channel”

Inspired by Doug Wheeler’s Untitled (Light Encasement) (1968)


Stop 6: “Prism”

Inspired by Peter Alexander’s Untitled (1968)


Stop 7: “Crystalline”

Inspired by Helen Pashgian’s Untitled (1968–69)


Stop 8: “Waveguide”

Inspired by Gisela Colón’s Untitled (Monolith Silver) (2016)


Stop 9: “Refraction”

Inspired by James Turrell’s Afrum (White) (1966)


Stop 10: Director’s Conclusion

Belmont University and Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios donated recording time and professional expertise to produce this audio tour’s introduction and conclusion.


Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video of the musicians recording the audio tour at Club Roar in Nashville.

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