Family Reading Recommendations

All the Way to Havana, by Margarita Engle (author) and Mike Curato (illustrator)

All the way to Havana book cover

On a journey to Havana for a birthday fiesta, a boy helps his father fix up their family’s old car. In Havana, he sees all sorts of other old cars and appreciates all of them for their uniqueness, but it is his family’s car that he likes the most.

Carmela Full of Wishes, by Matt de la Peña (author) and Christian Robinson (illustrator)

Carmela full of wishes book cover

Carmela wakes up finally old enough to join her brother on errands for the family. While running the errands, Carmela finds a dandelion growing in the pavement. Her brother tells her to make a wish before blowing away all the white fluff. But what will she wish for?

Dalia’s Wondrous Hair, by Laura Lacámara (author and illustrator)

Dalias wondrous hair book cover

One night when Dalia goes to sleep, her hair starts growing and growing. In the morning, her mother wonders what Dalia will do with all her hair. Dalia decorates her hair with leaves and mud and goes to sleep that night. In the morning, she goes outside and unwraps her hair, which has become a living cocoon!

Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York!, by Edie Colón (author) and Raúl Colón (illustrator)

good bye havana hola new york book cover

Inspired by the author’s own journey, this book follows five-year-old Gabriella as she moves from Cuba to New York. Gabriella begins to hear talk of Castro and a revolution, and her parents have to leave suddenly. She stays with her grandparents in Havana, but eventually goes to live with her parents in the Bronx, where nothing feels the same. Will she ever feel at home in New York?

Me on the Map, by Joan Sweeney (author) and Annette Cable (illustrator)

Me on the Map book cover

This book provides children with an introduction to the idea of place. A young girl shares maps ranging from maps of her room to maps of the world, then shows readers how they can find the places important to them.

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