Click the play button to begin each stop.

Stop 1: Director’s Introduction

Stop 2: Lanecia A. Rouse, How She Taught Me to Carry Water


Stop 3: Yashua Klos, Uncle Scott

Stop 4: Tay Butler, Hyperinvisibility


Stop 5: Derek Fordjour, Airborne Double


Stop 6: Lester Julian Merriweather, #BetterGardensAndJungles


Stop 7: Yashua Klos, The Face on Mars


Stop 8: Helina Metaferia, Headdress 61

Stop 9: Paul Anthony Smith, Caricom

Stop 10: Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Archetype of a 5 Star



Stop 11: Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Holy Wars

Stop 12: Lovie Olivia, Dark Tower

Stop 13: Wardell Milan, Pulse


Stop 14: Brittney Boyd Bullock, No it Ain’t, Yes It Is


Stop 15: Paul Anthony Smith, The Tales of Tourism


Stop 16: Sponsor Acknowledgements

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