Picasso. Figures title


Bringing together a selection of masterpieces from the Musée national Picasso-Paris collection, the exhibition Picasso. Figures is a thematic retrospective designed around the artist’s representation of the human body. Truly one of Pablo Picasso’s favorite motifs, this subject is one of the most fertile through which to tackle the many metamorphoses at work in his approach. Deconstructed, reconstructed, and constantly transformed by Picasso’s hand, the bodies allow us to follow the trajectory of this extraordinary genius.

Consisting primarily of paintings and graphic works, ranging from his early years to his late period, the exhibition also includes a remarkable group of sculptures that recall Picasso’s creative ambitions in a variety of disciplines, and his perpetual motion from one medium to another. From the academic traditions of his native Spain to the transgressive visions of the surrealist period, via the great cubist turning point, the exhibition aims to demonstrate Picasso’s capacity for constant renewal, while highlighting the deep coherence that governs his art as a whole.

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