Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding membership. If your question isn’t addressed here, contact or 615.744.4947 for assistance.

How do I find my member ID?
Your member ID is located on both physical and digital member cards below the barcode.

I’ve misplaced my member card. What should I do?
Contact or 615.744.4947 for a replacement.

I am a member, but don’t have my card. Can I still visit?
Members can always visit us for free before receiving their membership cards! All they need is a valid ID to check in at Guest Services.

While we are currently experiencing production and mailing delays, we are working to get physical cards to our members as soon as possible.

If you are a member who receives reciprocal benefits (Friend, Patron, and Benefactor levels) and require your cards for upcoming travel, please email and we will provide proof of reciprocity.

Do members receive reciprocal benefits at other museums?
Members who are Friends or higher ($125+) and members of the Warhol Society enjoy reciprocal benefits at hundreds of participating institutions through the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) program, the Reciprocal Organization of Associated

How do I download my digital member card to my iPhone or Android phone?

Watch this short video for iPhone

Watch this short video for Android

Who qualifies as a student?
A person of any age with a valid student ID from a college or university can purchase a Student membership. To qualify for this special rate, you must present valid ID upon purchase and each time the membership is renewed.

Who qualifies as a teacher?
Any active certified public/private K–12 teacher, independent home educator, or faculty members of an accredited university or college can purchase a Teacher/Educator membership. To qualify for this special rate, you must present your valid faculty ID or teaching license/certificate upon purchase and each time the membership is renewed. For independent homeschoolers, please provide a copy of the “Intent to Home School” form you submitted to your local school district.

Who qualifies as a senior?
The Frist Art Museum recognizes individuals age 65 and older as seniors. To receive this discount, you must present a valid ID at the time of purchase.

May I sign up for a Student, Teacher/Educator, or Senior membership off-site?
Yes! If you purchase your membership by mail, phone, or online, we ask that you send a copy of your ID to or show it to Membership on your first visit after your purchase. We do not accept business cards, personal notes, or emails as ID.

Is a Dual or Family membership better suited for me?
Our Dual membership is ideal for two adults. The secondary member can be a friend, relative, colleague, or anyone else you wish.

Our Family membership is ideal for households with two adults, a designated caregiver (optional), and children ages 18 and younger. The caregiver is authorized to accompany the family’s children to and around the Frist Art Museum if the primary members cannot be present. In addition, each child listed on a Family membership receives a birthday card and gift.

What are the requirements for designated caregivers?
The caregiver on a Family membership is an individual who is at least 18 years old and named by the primary member(s) on the account. The caregiver receives free admission when visiting with children named on the membership. This individual is not a member and will not receive a member card. Instead, when bringing children to the museum, the caregiver must check in at Membership by presenting a valid ID.

Why am I still receiving renewals?
Sometimes communications cross in the mail. If you receive two or more notices after renewing your membership, contact us at or 615.744.4947.

When does my membership expire?
It expires one year from the end of the month in which you purchased it. For example: If you purchased your membership on August 15, 2020, your expiration date would be August 30, 2021.

What happens to my expiration if I renew early?
You will not lose time on your membership if you renew early. For example: If your membership expires on September 30, 2020, and you renew it on May 1, 2021, your expiration date would be September 30, 2021.

Do Frist Art Museum members receive discounts in the gift shop?
Yes, a 10 percent discount is applied to qualifying gift shop purchases.

What does “waive my benefits” mean?
If you spend $100 or more to purchase or renew your membership, you have the option of waiving the value of its benefits. This means that no goods or services will be provided in exchange for your membership contribution. If you would like to learn about or check on the benefits associated with your membership level, visit our Membership page.

Is my membership tax deductible?
Your membership has the potential for tax-deductibility, as follows:

Warhol Society ($100): The potential tax-deductible amount is $75
Friend ($125): The potential tax-deductible amount is $85
Patron ($250): The potential tax-deductible amount is $210
Benefactor ($500): The potential tax-deductible amount is $460
Director’s Circle ($1,000): The potential tax-deductible amount is $775
President’s Circle ($2,500): The potential tax-deductible amount is $2,115
Rembrandt Circle ($5,000): The potential tax-deductible amount is $4,630
Picasso Circle ($10,000): The potential tax-deductible amount is $9,415
O’Keeffe Circle ($15,000): The potential tax-deductible amount is $14,040

Because of the complexity of tax regulations, we recommend that you consult with your tax adviser if you have questions regarding your individual circumstances. If you have any other questions regarding tax-deductibility, contact or 615.744.4947.

Do guest passes roll over from year to year?
No. Guest passes are active through the term of your membership. They expire when your membership expires.

Can my guest(s) come to the Frist Art Museum without a member present?
No. We ask that the member be present for a guest to use the member’s available guest passes.

Can I share a membership with someone?
Yes, we welcome sharing. A friend, family member, colleague, or anyone you wish can be named as the secondary member on a membership. We are, however, able to mail membership materials to only one physical address.

How do I receive my guest passes and parking passes?
All passes are listed in our system and linked to your account. When you check in, let the associate know that you would like to redeem available passes.

Do members receive a discount on parking?
Members receive a discounted rate of $2 per hour for those visiting our galleries (subject to availability). We do not offer parking validation for members visiting only the gift shop. All passes are for Frist Art Museum lots only; parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A flat-rate parking fee may apply for certain special events. Circle members receive parking passes based on Circle level. For more information on parking, click here.

Is my membership transferable or refundable?
Because of accounting rules and regulations, memberships cannot be transferred. Museum memberships are a tax-deductible gift; therefore, they are not refundable or transferrable.

How do I purchase a gift of membership?
There are three easy ways to purchase a gift membership. You can purchase a gift of membership in person, over the phone at 615.744.4947, or through this website. The membership is active upon purchase.

Do I have reciprocal benefits (such as free admission) at other museums?
If you are a member of the Warhol Society ($100/year), you have reciprocal access to institutions in the NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum and ROAM (Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums) networks.

If you are a member at the Friends level ($125/year) or higher, you enjoy reciprocal benefits with NARM, ROAM, and AMRN (the Art Museum Reciprocal Network) participants.

Where can I access a copy of the most recent Frist Art Museum Community Report?
View a copy of the most recent Frist Art Museum Community Report here.
View a copy of the most recent Frist Art Museum Financial Statement here.

Please consider supporting the Frist Art Museum with a donation. Your gift is essential to our mission of serving the community through the arts and art access in particular. We truly appreciate your generosity.