Consisting of 64 paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from The Baltimore Museum of Art’s extensive collection, this rich exhibition explored the work of artists who made Paris the center of modern art and culture from the late 19th century until the outbreak of World War II. While 27 works by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso form the core of the exhibition and give the show its name, signature works by predecessors Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, and Paul Cézanne are also included. Surrealists Andre Masson, Joan Miró, and Max Ernst are also featured.

Many of the works in this exhibition come from the renowned collection of sisters Etta and Claribel Cone of Baltimore, who, in the early 20th century, amassed one of the most important art collections of their time, much of which came through their visits to the Paris studios of Matisse and Picasso.

This exhibition was organized and circulated by the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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