From elegant court portraits of young royalty to charming examples of naive provincial portraiture, Golden Children shows the evolution of the image of childhood in Europe from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

Drawn from the Jakober Foundation’s extensive collection of children’s portraiture, this compilation of child-kings, little aristocrats, and dressed up commoners on the threshold of their lives was an extraordinary reflection of artists’ and their patrons’ roles in shaping the image of destiny.

Golden Children included sixty works by such artists as Charles Beaubrun (1604-1692), Antonio Carnicero (1748-1814), Jacob Gerritz.Cuyp(1594-1652), Nicholas Maes (1632-1693), Jean Nocret (1615-1672), Frans Pourbus the Younger (1570-1622), and Francois Quesnel (1543-1619).

This exhibition was organized by the Frist Art Museum in conjunction with the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation in Majorca, Spain.

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