In August 2000, well before the grand opening on April 8, 2001, the Frist Art Museum launched its outreach programs by developing community partnerships with respected community organizations in Davidson County. From the beginning, the Frist Art Museum’s intent has been to reach out to a wide range of communities and neighborhoods. By developing and growing its partnerships, the Frist Art Museum continues to provide high-quality art education for the community.

In an effort to expand opportunities for community partners to experience and create art, the outreach program has provided various activities such as art trunks, special projects, community art projects, and art shows for its partners. More than 30,000 people of all ages and abilities have participated in these programs and in the process have gained a deeper appreciation for art. The eight photographs in A Decade of Community Outreach represent the various aspects of the Outreach program over the past ten years from Grand Opening to Art Trunks and offer a glimpse of the people who have been involved in the programs and exhibitions that include: Project Access, Hispanic Outreach Project for Education (HOPE), World Refugee Day with Oasis Center, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Camps, Seeing Ourselves: Photographs by Safe Haven and Connecting Cultures: Children Stories from Across the World.

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