Join us for a special performance by the Andrews in the Rechter Room. 

About the Andrews

Arising in 2022 from the fertile ashes of the Northern California guetteur de botte scene, the Andrews breathe a welcome breath of ambient farmhouse air into the heart-worn Americana landscape. Made up of two former (and current) drummers, both recently relocated from West Coast to East, the duo brings years of sonic sense and sensibility to their spontaneous yet guided explorations through musical landscapes both primal and refined. They are joined by photographer/video artist Christine Carr, who has exhibited solo shows in Michigan, Virginia, Texas, California, Washington DC, and in numerous group shows throughout the United States and internationally. 

The Andrews have performed at Art Rat Studios (Roanoke, VA), Rhizome (Washington, DC), Agitator Gallery (Chicago, IL), and COOP Gallery (Nashville, TN). In 2024, they will release new music, recorded and mixed by Eli Crews at Spillway Sound in NY. 

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