From the Director


In the nineteenth century, museums around the world were founded to collect, preserve, and interpret objects of interest, from art to insects. Twenty-first-century museums are lively gathering places where the curious meet to broaden their horizons, find inspiration, connect with the community and one another, and feel less stressed.

Since 2001, the Frist Art Museum’s focus on presenting the art of the world has provided ways of seeing our own and other cultures that are fun and inviting. In our fast-paced world, time is at a premium. We acknowledge that you, our members and visitors, have many options for leisure activities in Nashville. When you choose the Frist, we hope you discover gratification on many levels.

As you tour Paris 1900: City of Entertainment, consider the parallels between Nashville today and Paris at the turn of the last century: the French city was in transition, with the new technology of electricity, the disruption and displacement involved in urban renewal, the arrival of the Paris Métro, and a surge in restaurants, café life, nightclubs, and sports. As you immerse yourself among the treasures that have traveled to Music City from the City of Light, we think you will feel transported—and also motivated to study the challenges and opportunities in Nashville with fresh eyes.

Thank you for your support of the Frist Art Museum. It is appreciated. Please visit the Frist this fall, soon and often.

Susan H. Edwards, PhD
Executive Director and CEO


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