From the Director


Our thoughts are with those most intimately impacted by COVID-19, whether through illness or loss of life. We honor all who ensure that patients are receiving the best possible medical attention and those who are keeping us going as we observe the essential practice of sheltering in place. We hope no further harm comes to anyone, but we acknowledge that the pandemic is not over. Nashville and Middle Tennessee are also still recovering from a devastating tornado that touched down on March 3. It is our fervent belief that art can provide solace, security, and hope during uncertain times.

When we closed the Frist Art Museum building on March 16, we began migrating programs and exhibitions to the web, for online access. I have enjoyed our offerings, as well as the educational and visual engagement opportunities posted by museums from around the world. Still, I miss the intimacy of viewing art in person, and the immersive, meditative encounters with art one can enjoy when visiting a museum.

We look forward to reopening our campus and welcoming you back for the kinds of experiences that comfort us during times of disruption and uncertainty. In the meantime, visit us at our website and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where you will find programs and activities designed to appeal to all—from the novice to the sophisticate, and from toddlers to seniors.

We send our best wishes for connection and solace despite the physical distancing currently required to flatten the curve. As soon as it is safe to do so, we will invite you to return to 919 Broadway. The long view of history and the art and artifacts of cultures from around the world demonstrate tangibly that we are all in this together and always have been. It will be great to see you again.

Susan H. Edwards, PhD
Executive Director and CEO



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