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Since its opening in 2001, the Frist Art Museum has gained an international reputation not only as an important venue for looking at and learning about art, but also as the site of an architectural landmark. As the Nashville skyline rapidly changes, the Frist Art Museum’s historic art deco building—a former federal post office—serves as a symbol both of the city’s rich history and its bright future. 

Art Deco Society members help support the on-going care of this treasure. Patrons, Friends, and Supporters are recognized on-site at the Frist Art Museum as well as on this page. Gifts to the Art Deco Society may be fully tax-deductible. Please contact Sara Ludlam at 615.744.4927 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more.       




We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our current Art Deco Society members.

Barbara and Jack Bovender
Sara and Richard Bovender

Patrons ($2,500+)

Carol and Bobby Frist
Carl and Connie Haley, in memory of Carl Bloor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klaritch
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Tomlin
Mary Williamson

List current as of October 10, 2018



Friends ($1,000+)

Philip Bredesen and Andrea Conte
Mrs. Iris Buhl, Buhl Family Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Ann and Frank Bumstead
John and Mary Burke
Susan H. Edwards
David and Janice Morgan
Dana and Mike Perez
Delphine and Ken Roberts
Luke and Susan Simons

List current as of October 10, 2018


David and Linda Anderson
LeAnn and George Anderson
Josephine Davenport Barringer, in honor of Elizabeth McAllister Smith and Leila Barringer Smith
Susan and Carl Becker
Annie Laurie Berry
Richard Bruehl and Nancy Stott
Suzanne and Glenn Buckspan
Mark and Bette Christofersen
Teri and Alan Cohen
Karen and David Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Sondra and Doug Cruickshanks
Janine Cundiff
Willie K. Davis, in memory of Barbara T. Davis
Eddie and Susan DeGarmo
Katie Delmez and John Purdy
Amy and Frank Garrison
Carlene and Marshall Gaskins
Dodie and Carl George
Julie and Bob Gordon
Carolyn and Hartley Hall, in honor of Ken Roberts
Steven M. Hernet, in memory of Carol West Hernet
Dr. Norm Scarborough and Ms. Kimberly Hewell
Max and Cathy Hixon
Catherine J. Holsen, in memory of Robert C. and Constance W. Holsen
Pamela Johnson,* in honor of Ken Roberts
Kenneth Kraft and Luci Crow
Nancy and Dan Kula, in memory of Jeffrey Kula
John Stevens Lancaster, in memory of Jake Stevens and Elsie Minchey
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Magli, in memory of Nellie B. Magli
Don and Karen Marler
Rosann and Bill Nunnelly
Shelley R. Paine
Sid and Linda Pilson
Douglas and Sharon Pugh
Ann V. Roberts, in memory of Martin S. Roberts, Jr.
Delphine and Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Samuels
Dr. Helen T. Schley
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III
Caroline and Danny Shaw
Don and Jane Skelton, in memory of Mary Elizabeth Slater
H. Stephen Smith
Brenda and Joe Steakley
Amelia Strobel and Robert Glenn
Marge Tamberino
Seab and Patti Tuck
Jan van Eys and Judith L. Hodges
Drs. Robert and Nancy Wahl
Kevin and Elizabeth Warren

* Deceased

List current as of October 10, 2018


Ben Adams
Michael Aurbach
Linda H. Brassell
Nancy R. Berry
Jan and Steve Braun
Carol C. Brewer
John O. Colton
Lynn Conroy, in memory of Polly Longhurst
Elizabeth F. Cormier
H. Cowan and M. McElaney
Mike and Diane Dioguardi
Kathleen Glaser and Jennifer Freeman
Beverly Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hofstetter
David Reiland and Diane Honda
Anjlee Khurana
Mrs. Mayme Lee Lawrence
J. Lenahan
Catherine M. Lowe
Heather and Robert Mangeot
Diana M. McCabe
Lee and Pamela McKnight
Bob and Shirley Miller
Joanne A. Rathman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Remer
Bob and Paula Snyder
Dr. Sharon and Mr. Sarunh Thach
Dr. Jeff Thompson
Irene and Ridley Wills II

List current as of October 10, 2018



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