Presented by Nija Woods

Join us for an engaging and creative workshop where teens can explore mindfulness through the mesmerizing practice of fluid art. This hands-on experience combines art, color therapy, and relaxation techniques, encouraging participants to express themselves, reduce stress, and embrace the beauty of letting go. Perfect for beginners, this workshop is designed to be simple, fun, and a great way to connect with others while discovering the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.

About the Instructor

Nija Woods is an accomplished artist known for her vibrant exploration of color. As a therapeutic art facilitator, cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner, and color therapist, Nija Woods brings a wealth of expertise to the Flow with Color workshop. In her experience leading workshops that offer creative approaches to therapy, Nija guides participants to discover the transformative power of art. Through vibrant artworks and mindful workshops, individuals are invited to explore self-expression and healing in a supportive, creative environment.

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