Poets and spoken-word artists gather at the Frist to share their work at the Po’boys and Poets Open Mic Night. Hosted by the Po’boys and Poets poetry collective, known for community involvement and providing platforms for poets, the event aims to offer a space for poets of all backgrounds to share their perspectives and connect with the audience, fostering a celebration of creativity and community through

The event utilizes a pre-sign-up method to manage timing. Approximately ten slots are available for performers, and a headlining poet will close the night with a 15-minute set. If you are interested in signing up for a slot, please fill out this form.  

About Po’boys and Poets

Po’boys and Poets is a long-standing poetry collective in the Nashville area, dedicated to fostering creativity and community through the power of verse. For over seven years, they have organized open festivals and charitable events, providing platforms for poets to share their voices and make a positive impact. With a commitment to inclusivity and artistic expression, Po’boys and Poets continues to be a driving force in Nashville’s poetry scene, inspiring both seasoned poets and newcomers alike. 

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