EADJ (Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice) is pleased to announce the fall 2023 program, which is part of Artistic Activism and the Power of Collective Resistance, curated by independent curator, Selene Wendt. EADJ was founded by Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair Professor of Fine Arts, Dr. María Magdalena Campos-Pons, and is a trans-institutional partnership hosted at Vanderbilt University with partners, the Frist Art Museum, Fisk University, and Millions of Conversations. 

Building on EADJ’s work in the Spring 2023, this program presents a set of vibrant discussions that examine the consequences of social and historical inequities on the southern imaginary, as seen in art from Africa, Latin America, South Europe, South Asia, and the American South.

Lecture overview:
The urgency to decolonize the mind, which also means decolonizing the power structures and institutions that contribute to the perpetuation of coloniality, is among the most important topics of our time. This involves recognizing and addressing the consequences of colonial history and working collectively towards an inclusive understanding of world history. When it comes to museums, the question is how we can re-imagine and re-define how we think about the care and afterlives of stolen artifacts currently housed in European and American collections, without replicating the colonial power structures that we seek to eradicate.


  • Ngaire Blankenberg
  • Jelili Atiku
  • Jaclyn Roessel
  • Selene Wendt, (Moderator)  2022/23 EADJ Curator, Founder, The Global Art Project

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