Presented by The Happy Hour 

Weaving Splendor: Treasures of Asian Textiles from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art provides an opportunity to discover the intricacies of rare and luxurious textiles and the larger story that these creations tell throughout history.

Join us on select Thursday nights as The Happy Hour leads a meditation practice in the exhibition that taps into both your personal story and the larger impact you can make on the world. By slowing down and entering this meditative state, you can explore the fabric of what makes you uniquely you

Participants will receive admission to the Frist and be provided with a meditation cushion or stool for relaxation. Bring along a journal for reflections on self-discovery questions posed following the meditation. This opportunity engages the senses for a deeper reflection on yourself and the world around you, altering your expectations of what a grounding meditation experience can look and feel like. 

About The Happy Hour

The Happy Hour is a mental wellness studio in the heart of 12 South with a modern approach to talk therapy and life coaching. They provide private therapy and life-coaching sessions, community mindfulness classes, group meditation classes, and wellness events. They make it easy to walk in and talk it out with a licensed professional in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and intentional, so you can be the happiest version of yourself.

Please consider supporting the Frist Art Museum with a donation. Your gift is essential to our mission of serving the community through the arts and art access in particular. We truly appreciate your generosity.