presented by Jim Womack, art historian and retired Jackson Family Chair of Visual and Performing Arts, Montgomery Bell Academy

Learn more about Albrecht Dürer’s influences and his time in this three-part introductory art history course.

What prepared and helped Albrecht Dürer to become unique in his field? In this class, participants will learn about the Northern Renaissance and what distinguishes it from the late medieval era that preceded it. Artists such as the Limbourg brothers and Jan van Eyck will be considered in terms of their legacies as Dürer’s predecessors. The city of Nuremberg as a major center for printing and publishing will also be discussed.

This is the first of a three-part introductory art history course. Learn more about the other courses:

December 10
Classicism and the Natural: Master Engravings and the Entrepreneur

December 17
The Later Years and the Rise of German Art: Reformation and Renaissance

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