Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville “Blanket Statement”

Location: Nashville International Airport, Concourse A, Community Art Cases

Sept. 3, 2018 – Feb. 24, 2019

As part of the Arts in the Airport program at Nashville International Airport, the Frist Art Museum is exhibiting several beaded blankets made with knotted shoelaces and pony beads that were created for “Blanket Statement,” one of three performances during Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville presented at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on April 6, 2018.

Each blanket took numerous hours and many hands to complete. People of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities shared stories at several blanket-making events, and Nashville poets Rashad Rayford and Ciona Rouse performed compositions in honor of these stories. During “Blanket Statement,” all thirty blankets were placed on Cave; he then slowly crawled out from underneath them and carried them—and the burdens they represented—off the stage.

The performance was held in conjunction with Nick Cave: Feat. (November 10, 2017–June 24, 2018) that featured art works that explored themes of identity and social justice through a range of mediums, including sculpture, installation art, graphic design, and video.

Watch the full performance of Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville. 

Nick Cave: Feat. Nashville was supported in part by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission and the Tennessee Arts Commission. Additional support provided by an Art Works grant by the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Creation Grant courtesy of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission.



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