November 9, 2018 – 12:00 pm

Nashville Design Week Lecture: “Texture Makes a Difference” by Kari Pei

FREE Presentation by Atlanta-based product designer Kari Pei ~ Auditorium

  • Product designer Kari Pei will discuss texture and its impact on wellness.

The lead product designer for Atlanta-based Interface, an innovative, sustainable, industry pacesetter in hard and soft flooring tile products, Kari Pei will offer a presentation entitled “Texture Makes a Difference,” which will focus on texture and its impact on wellness. The subject is based on current neuroscientific studies that demonstrate direct cognitive, physical and psychological behaviors related to the design of our environments. Her talk is based on four specific studies that address biophilic design, human spaces, neuroaesthetics and epigenetic programming.

Kari Pei has designed award-winning products for commercial interiors, including upholstery, wall covering, carpeting, LVT and drapery. Pei has benefited from working with top global companies in a variety of senior and executive levels. Pei holds a unique perspective as both a weaver and printmaker with a fine arts background, enabling her body of work to stand out and perform against a strongly competitive marketplace.

Nashville Design Week is a week-long city-wide series of interdisciplinary programs and events that aim to unite the design community, promote collaboration and idea sharing, engage the public, and elevate the impact of Nashville’s design economy.



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