March 28, 2013 – 6:00 pm

Music at the Frist: The Providence Consort (Recorders and Keyboard)

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Founded in late 2011, The Providence Consort is a recorder trio plus keyboard.  The group enjoys playing a wide range of music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the early Baroque, and Contemporary periods. Their repertoire includes "classical" pieces as well as folk songs, carols, and current hits. Their popular Christmas Concert is a combination of secular and religious pieces.  Among the venues that the Providence Consort has played are churches, the Nashville Public Library, the Nashville Zoo, and the Lake Providence clubhouse.

Marian Hertz, Karl Rehmer, and Linda Rising play recorders ranging from the sopranino to the great bass. Pat Morrell accompanies on the keyboard.

Marian Herz was born and raised in New Jersey and has an extensive music background.  She began playing the piano at age seven and then learned flute and piccolo at age eleven, when she also learned to play the bugle and guitar.  She was a member of her high school concert band, marching band and orchestra; and was a soloist for the concert band.  She was selected to the All Shore Conference band in her senior year in high school. She began playing recorder at an early age, teaching herself, so that she could play music with her grandmother.  She continued to play recorder through high school and college, where she became interested in early music.  After graduation she continued to play in early music and recorder groups in Charleston, West Virginia; Flint, Michigan and Rochester, NY.  She has been a member of the Providence Consort since its inception in 2011.

Patricia Morrell taught Grade and General Music, after benefitting from a music scholarship. Some principals had to reprimand students because they were running to her class! Leading church choirs, playing the organ and teaching piano after school, came the following year.  After earning a Master’s in Music, she discovered the challenge and fulfillment of teaching high school music from 1966 to 1988 and other levels until 2009. Her father was always her hardest critic and attended concerts to make sure she was having students’ present pieces with audience appeal.  Her favorite role as a musician was and still is conducting and playing as a keyboard accompanist; it began when her dad let her sit-in and play afternoon gigs with his dance band.

Besides the mainstay of teaching, Pat has been involved in:  playing for dinner theater, being a Music Minister in churches, heading school music departments, composing songs for piano and accompaniments for lyricists.

Karl Rehmer started playing trumpet at the age of nine, in his grade school and high school bands as well as “big band” jazz in high school.  He continued playing trumpet off-and-on during his college years. Years later, he picked up recorder when asked to participate as a player at a Christmas Madrigal Dinner event.  He played for more than 10 years with the Utopia Road Recorder Consort in Phoenix, Arizona, and has played with Raintree, Callisto, The Providence Players, The Providence Consort, and Bicinium, a recorder duo, with his wife, Linda Rising.  He has performed at wedding receptions, twelfth night ceremonies, knighting ceremonies, tea houses, and many concerts.  With the Utopia Road Recorder Consort, he presented a program called “Recorders through the Ages” at several elementary schools in Phoenix, Arizona. Bicinium has presented a similar program for the Lake Providence Academy series in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Karl is a retired software engineer.  He has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Southern Illinois University.  He spent several years teaching mathematics at the university level, eventually switching to teaching computer science classes. He left academia to work in industry primarily at Honeywell Aerospace, where he built software tools for the Boeing 777 aircraft and later at a small Danish company, DDC-I.  Karl retired at the end of 2010.  Besides playing the recorder and attending music workshops, he enjoys bicycling and reading.

Linda Rising began her musical career by teaching herself to play piano in junior high school. To hone her skills, she volunteered to accompany hymns for various Sunday school classes until she felt comfortable enough to start a junior choir and an angel choir as both director and accompanist. She has always loved to sing and has been in numerous choirs in high school and later sang with the Shrewsbury Chorale in New Jersey, performing around the New York City area. She started playing the recorder in her early twenties and has attended and taught workshops across the country. She and her husband, Karl Rehmer, were member of the Utopia Road Recorder Consort in Phoenix, Arizona for over ten years, performing at local churches, and other venues, including a program created for grade school children. When Karl retired at the end of 2010, they moved to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee and became part of the Del Webb Lake Providence community, where they started a beginners’ recorder group and met Marian Herz and Pat Morrell. Together they formed the Providence Consort.

Linda Rising is an independent consultant with a Ph.D. in computer science. An internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and how your brain works, Linda is the author of a number of publications and four books. The latest with co-author Mary Lynn Manns: Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas.  She and her husband are avid cyclists and enjoy biking around the U.S. and Europe.

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