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  • September 4, 2020 – 6:00 pm

Music at the Frist: Singer-songwriter Rae Hering

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  • Rae Hering

    Photo by Chad McClarnon

  • Rae Hering at the Nashville Fringe Festval.

  • Rae Hering

  • Rae Hering

  • Rae Hering performs "Leaky Umbrella"

  • Rae Hering

  • Rae Hering performs "Wordless Words." 

  • Rae Hering

  • Rae Hering

The March 27 event has been canceled due to COVID-19.

You may have recently seen and heard Rae on Periscope! The platform chose to broadcast her live-streamed Sundays with Rae appearance, and that performance drew more than 66,000 viewers! (The news of her huge audience arrived WHILE she was playing.)

Although Rae Hering (the Shy Gemini) calls her music Alternative Pop she remains a genre enigma.  With her sophisticated melodic sense and eclectic songwriting style, this multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter creates intelligent music that ranges from playful to melancholy to funky.

Since graduating from Belmont University with studies in piano and composition, Rae has recorded two projects to her name, most recently her 2014 release "The Shy Gemini Sessions."  This unique double EP features two versions of seven songs; side A is recorded with a band while side B captures her as a solo artist.  She shares the story behind her songs in her blog of a similar title, "Adventures of the Shy Gemini."

As a performer, Rae captivates audiences with her sultry voice while moving between piano and guitar (and occasionally her accordion).  From an early age her classical piano training fostered in her a comfort of the stage and a love of sharing music - this is evident in the energy she puts into each performance.

Rae puts her skills to use off stage as well.  As an adaptable composer, Rae writes and records music for commercial spots including Singer Sewing Company and for films such as the 2015 Tennessee Horizon Award recipient "Daddy's Little Girl" at the Nashville International Film Festival. She can be heard on session work for various artists in Nashville and is a versatile and experienced private music teacher.  As an active co-writer, she has applied skills unbarred by genre, including the song "Rock Paper Scissors" recorded by folk/americana artist Anne Buckle.

Whether she's writing a new tune, recording in the studio or performing live, pursuing the creative adventure and making a meaningful connection with her audience are the driving forces behind Rae Hering's artistry. 


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