February 10, 2017 – 12:00 pm

Curator’s Perspective: “Unlocking the Secrets of Buddhist Art: Tibet, Japan, and Korea”

presented by Katherine Anne Paul, PhD, curator, Arts of Asia, Newark Museum

Frist Art Museum Auditorium
Free; first come, first seated

Tibet, Japan, and Korea all practice forms of esoteric or “secret” Buddhism that are explained only to initiates. The Vajrayana branch of Buddhism utilizes works of art that reveal a complex array of both human and divine figures. Join curator Katherine Anne Paul for an illustrated lecture that will introduce stunning aesthetics of Buddhist art. Paul will also translate important visual vocabularies employed to communicate Buddhism. The talk will culminate in a virtual walk-through of a mandala (circular representation of the universe). After the lecture, join us for the opening ceremony of a Tibetan-Buddhist mandala sand painting that Tibetan monks will create in the education gallery of Secrets of Buddhist Art. Come experience Buddhist rituals and art in action.

Gelug Religious Order. Yamantaka Embracing Vajravetali, Tibet, 17th–18th centuries. Mercury gilding, copper alloy, cold gold, and colors. Newark Museum, Gift of Dr. Wesley Halpert and Mrs. Carolyn M. Halpert in memory of Rudi, 1996, 96.84


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