Join the Art Deco Society today to preserve the Frist Art Museum’s building!

Since its opening in 2001, the Frist Art Museum has gained an international reputation not only as an important venue for looking at and learning about art, but also as the site of an architectural landmark. As the Nashville skyline rapidly changes, the Frist Art Museum’s historic art deco building—a former federal post office—serves as a symbol both of the city’s rich history and its bright future. 

Art Deco Society members help support the care of this treasure. Patrons, Friends, and Supporters are recognized on-site at the Frist Art Museum as well as on this page. Gifts to the Art Deco Society may be fully tax-deductible. Feel free to contact the Development office at 615.744.3963 or email with any questions.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our current Art Deco Society members.

Barbara and Jack Bovender
Sara and Richard Bovender

Patrons ($2,500+)

Barbara and Jack Bovender
Trisha and Charles Elcan
Carol and Bobby Frist
Jennifer and Billy Frist
Dr. and Mrs.* Thomas F. Frist, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Hayes
The Keith and Nancy Johnson Family Foundation, in memory of Nancy Nash Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Milton Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Kirshner
Tom and Darlene Klaritch
Karen and Bruce Moore
William and Sandra Spitz
Judy and Steve Turner

Friends ($1,000+)

Ann and Frank Bumstead
Michael and Rowena Cuffe
Susan H. Edwards, PhD
Morel Enoch, in memory of Mary and Lee Enoch
Amy and Frank Garrison
Mrs. Kate R. W. Grayken
Carlana and Aubrey Harwell
Kevin E. Hickman
Mark and Kay Kimbrough
Dr. Susan J. Kupisch
Trish and John Lindler
Lowell and Shari Martin
Lynn and Jack May
Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Pfeffer and The Pfeffer Foundation
Hilton and Lauren Ashley Pittman
Lee Pratt and Neil Krugman
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Richter
Ms. Sara L. Rosson and Ms. Nancy Menke
Ione and Stephen Smith, in memory of Boi Edberg and Gösta Edberg
Joe and Brenda Steakley
Dr. Alex and Emily Townes
Jay and Christi Turner

Supporters ($500+)

Anonymous (7)
David and Linda Anderson
Carl and Susan Becker
Joe Botz
Berry and Connie Brooks
Cathy and Martin Brown
Laura and John Chadwick
André and Doreatha Churchwell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Janine Cundiff
Katie Delmez and John Purdy
Susan H. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ferguson
Dodie and Carl George
Drs. Kimberly Glenn and Benny Jemmott
Bob and Julie Gordon
Barbara and Lee Grubbs
Mrs. Martha R. Ingram
Chris Klein and Vicki Brown
Susan W. Knowles and Andrew Saftel
Greg and Shelley Logan
Pat and Dave Malone
Janice and Robert Minton
Mrs. Ellen L. More and Mr. Rufus E. Fort
David and Janice Morgan
James and Patricia Munro
William and Sara Myers
Jan and Stephen Riven
Ken and Delphine Roberts
Anne and Charles E.* Roos
Dr. Norm Scarborough and Ms. Kimberly Hewell
Dr. William Schaffner and Ms. Lois Knight
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Seabury III
Steve Sirls and Allen DeCuyper
Emily and Bill Stewart
Trasbin L. Stoner II
Carolyn and Steve Taylor
Seab and Patti Tuck
Barbara and James Turner
Jan van Eys and Judith L. Hodges
Kevin and Elizabeth Warren


Anonymous (4)
Ben Adams
Phyllis C. Allen, in honor of Mary and Lee Barfield
Michael Aurbach
Frank Basile
Bauchiero Family Foundation
Linda W. Bramblett
Richard and Beth Chapman
Teri and Alan Cohen
John O. Colton
Donna Coode
LaFonda Davis
Christopher Day, in memory of my mother, Cynthia Day
J. William Denny
Cathy A. Frierson
Bill and Kathy Grainger
Amy Hamann
Anne Henderson and Jim Womack
Steven M. Hernet
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hunt, Sr., and The Hunt Family Foundation
Wallace Joiner
Barbara and David Jones
Paul Kennerley
Melissa Yokom Koehn
Lee and Glenda Kraft
Catherine M. Lowe
Jean and Marc Lyon
Robert A. and Shirley W. Miller
Elizabeth Moodey
Bob and Darlene Panvini
Annette Pilcher
Bob Pitts
Mrs. Jean G. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Remer
Patrick and Laura Roberts, in honor of Kenneth L. Roberts
Terri Roth
Skip Rudsenske
Bruce and Gwen Sherman
Kathryn and Lester Smith
Amelia Strobel and Robert Glenn
Dr. John and Jan Thompson
John and Janet Tidwell
Ms. Martha J. Trammell
Terry E. Vaughan
Rosemary Lab Walters
Patricia Ward
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ridley Wills II
Judith Wright
Vivian and Richard Wynn

This list is current as of March 15, 2022

Please consider supporting the Frist Art Museum with a donation. Your gift is essential to our mission of serving the community through the arts and art access in particular. We truly appreciate your generosity.